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July 10, 2017

For the College Graduate…What’s Next?


You’re a college graduate…thinking of becoming a therapist. You’ve studied and succeeded. You’ve grown and yet know you still haven’t gotten to where you want to be. As you walk out of one world, a place of expectation and training, you think about the next. Where do you go now and how do you get there?

Consider this: no one begins a career where they ultimately end up. But they start somewhere. They make individual decisions that shape and direct the path along the way.

So here’s a few quick points as you start…things we wish someone had told us:

Keep Your Momentum!

You’ve been in the world of study and research; of preparing for a career and learning all you can. So don’t slow down or lose your way. Find a graduate program while your ideals and interests are fresh. Look for one that fits your specific career goals and field of expertise (or desired expertise).

Find Your School…not just any school.

Don’t worry about the school name. Worry about the quality of the counseling or therapy program and the abilities and experience of the faculty. Research the faculty. Find the articles they’ve written and the work they’ve done. Ask them questions to see why their program is worth considering.

Start Now with Your Career…not just your schooling.

If you want to become a licensed therapist, you need hours. Lots of them. You also need to learn things the classroom can’t give you. You need to learn the “business” of counseling. Look at it like an apprenticeship. You need to be mentored by professionals who will give you what you need and set you on a course for a rewarding career. It’s not just about getting your degree. It’s about setting yourself up to make a difference; having a place to apply what you’re learning in school. So plug in with a counseling agency and get moving with the practical stuff as well. Take a look at Family Innovation’s entry level Community-based Counseling program.

* * *

No matter what, keep moving. Think about your end game and make decisions now to get there. Be willing to make your experience look different than those around you…because no two people are the same And align yourself with a counseling agency that will give you both training for today and vision for tomorrow.

Stay connected. Family Innovations could be the beginning of something better for you.

Family Innovations is the leading counseling service of the Upper Midwest and prides itself on employing some of the most capable, passionate counselors, therapists, and support staff in the industry. If you or someone you know could be a fit for Family Innovations, check in at #work4fi

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