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April 26, 2017

For Graduate Students…Experience Matters!


For Graduate Students, Experience Matters

Depending on a students’ situation in their master’s programs, employment within their chosen industry may not be a possibility. Sometimes their schedules won’t allow it. Sometimes the industry can’t make room for them because they don’t have the licensing or certifications they need. But whatever the situation, it doesn’t mean graduate students can’t begin to do the work they need to do for the next steps of their career.

As far as experience during your masters program…what are you looking for?

Are you looking to get paid for an internship? If so, it’s possible. It just requires that you do your homework. Are you looking to work 20 to 30 hours a week in addition to your classes? That could be a lot of work but, in the right job, could also help you move through your supervised hours. Are you looking to work with a counseling agency as soon as possible so that you can begin to meet the requirements of your degree and licensing? Family Innovations is the type of agency that has walked with students through this process and put them on a path toward completion, success, and long-term employment. Check out our Community Based professional development program.

Get your foot in the door.

You have to start somewhere. Many times people want to become a counselor because they want the chance to sit with someone in that out-patent setting, where real change is happening. But that doesn’t necessarily happen for some time. You’ll start by meeting people in their homes. You’ll drive long distances and get stuck in traffic. You’ll show up to meet someone and they’ll stand you up. And in all of that, you’ll wonder if you should keep going. But you must get your foot in the door somewhere. And when you do that, you’ll find new opportunities will come.

Find a Place with a Plan

Pay attention to how the counseling company you’re looking at connecting with interacts with and vets their intern and graduate student employees. The agencies with an established methodology, the trustworthy ones that you want to consider, often like to train their own experts who can then practice the discipline within their company. Often times, if you are able to connect with a counseling company with a plan for growth and internal training, you can be sure there are plenty of opportunities for you going forward. The last thing a company wants to do is pour into you so that you can take that training to another agency.

Family Innovations is hiring graduate students to fill different roles without our community-based counseling division. Stay connected. There are more good conversations opportunities to come.

Family Innovations is the leading counseling service of the Upper Midwest, and prides itself on employing some of the most capable, passionate counselors, therapists, and support staff in the industry. If you or someone you know could be a fit for Family Innovations, check in at #work4fi

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