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September 23, 2017

Intensive Treatment in Foster Care Services


Family Innovations is excited to announce our certification and participation in providing Intensive Treatment in Foster Care, otherwise known as (ITFC).  ITFC is a new clinical intensive mental health service for children living in a foster care setting.  

The MN Department of Human Services reported that in 2015 the number of children in foster care increased by approximately 9 percent from the previous year.  DHS goes on to say that these children in the foster care system tend to utilize mental health services extensively. They have also been found to require higher levels of mental health services and coordinated care due to the complexity of their situation.  

Over the years DHS has conducted significant research regarding children living in foster care.  They have also examined the significant presence of trauma for such children, which has led to the need for changes in their treatment and services.  This research resulted in DHS developing and creating Intensive Treatment in Foster care services.

ITFC is a flexible service package that can be provided to a child in foster care, all members of the child’s family, foster family, and members of the permanency plan.  It is able to be utilized in a traditional or treatment foster home, relative or kinship foster home, or a home licensed by a county, tribe, or child care placing agency.  When clinically appropriate, ITFC works to include the child’s parents or pre-adoptive family to assist in concurrent and permanency planning.  

ITFC is distinguished from other services on the children’s mental health continuum as it is an intensive clinical service that does not require a rehabilitative focus.  This service is specifically focused on decreasing symptoms and impairments to functioning.  

ITFC has four main required service components:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Psycho-educational Services
  • Clinical Care Consultation

Services will work to accomplish the following:

  • Help children get intensive clinical mental health services, while maintaining their foster care placement.  
  • Use current systems and resources available to increase access for children who need an intense level of mental health services.
  • Create more flexible and coordinated service delivery among all child’s team members.
  • Strengthen treatment and permanency planning with consultation, psycho-education, and therapy services to support successful out of home placements. 
  • Support post-permanency by provider transitioning with the child after permanency is achieved.
  • Promote evidenced-based practices and outcome measures to improve results for children in foster care.

Due to the importance placed on treatment and permanency needs of children placed in foster care, ITFC requires each child to have an extended diagnostic assessment, which includes an evidenced based trauma assessment. 

In addition, intensive services will be provided at least three days a week and equaling at least six hours per week.  

 ITFC is a MHCP benefit that will be available for children up to 21 years of age who are living in a family foster care setting and meet the medical necessity criteria for the service.

For more questions regarding Family Innovations and access to Intensive Treatment in Foster Care.


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