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August 21, 2017

The Beginning of Something Better for Brooklyn Park.


Family Innovations Brings Counseling to New Location

Family Innovations has expanded its counseling reach and work to Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The new clinic, located at 6800 78th Avenue, is taking new patients and providing counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in the Brooklyn Park area.


Outpatient Therapy

This clinic is accepting new clients for outpatient therapy, and its therapists are trained in various types of counseling. One of their specialties, Trauma Therapy, focuses specifically on helping children cope with and heal from painful or traumatic events. The counselors who work with these patients know how to make the process beneficial for an entire family and bring healing at a manageable pace.

The right therapist makes all the difference when choosing your path to something better. So whether you are looking for individual, couples, or family counseling, contact Family Innovations to move in the right direction. Please call 612-924-3807


Community-Based Therapy

The location will also be a center for Family Innovations’ community-based counseling services. As a certified service provider through the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Family Innovations meets clients in their homes and brings them many of the same services available in the clinic. Medical Assistance through the state is what makes it possible to meet in the home.

To learn more about this service, and to see if it’s a fit and possibility for you or someone in your family, find out more. You can also contact Family Innovations directly to see if the community-based counseling services could work for you at 612-746-7329.


It’s Time for Something Better

If you or someone you know is ready to start on a better journey, Family Innovations is making itself more available than ever to make it a possibility. The growth of the company simply means that more individuals, couples, and families will have access to the help that Family Innovations has been providing for nearly two decades.

Are you ready to begin something new for you and your family?
Openings will fill up so please reach out today!

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