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Pre-Doctoral Practicum

This is the Beginning of Something Better for Your Career

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Professional Growth Plan

Free Training in Evidence Based Practice Interventions

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Student Loan Forgiveness

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Competitive Benefits

Health, Dental, Visions, and Work Life Balance Program

Seize the Opportunity to Grow into Your Career
Experience how lives are improved through shadowing professional counselors in home-based services.

Current Internship Opportunities

The Predoctoral Practicum will be offered at select locations throughout the Twin Cities. The focus of this practicum is a combination of therapy and assessment. Students will have the opportunity to shadow providers, gaining exposure to different assessment tools (e.g., ADOS-2, WAIS/WISC, MMPI-2) and therapy modalities (e.g., TF-CBT, non-adherent DBT, EMDR).

In addition,

  • One hour of individual supervision per week is provided by a designated supervisor.
  • Testing consultation group is held once a month and a multidisciplinary consultation group is held twice a month at each location.
  • Practicum students may also participate in additional consultation groups in other satellite offices, as well as observe other service areas provided by other clinicians, as deemed appropriate and available during their hours on site.

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